Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

Automotive accidents can happen suddenly and often times bring about life-changing consequences.

Jeannete Lewis has over 25 years of experience in handling automobile and motorcycle claims, from inception and pre-suit, through trial and appeal if necessary. No one ever expects that “today is the day” they will be involved in a collision and many will be unprepared to deal with the event or what it may mean for theirfuture. For many, it is their first “serious” accident and they have little or no familiarity with the interplay between, or how to navigate through, the automobile, health and disability insurance claims with their own carriers, much less thoseof the at-fault party, assuming they even have liability insurance at all. Then, there is always the question of who is at fault? Unfortunately, it is not always clear cut. When the potentially at fault party is on the job or driving a company vehicle or branded vehicle, the question of who is or may be liable becomes even more complex and important when the driver has little or no insurance. Therefore, the importance of finding an attorney who is knowledgeable of the issues and skilled in litigating them cannot be understated.

Unfortunately, most frequently victims of serious automobile or motorcycle collisions are so consumed with trying to deal with accident related health issues and how to survive financially that they become frustrated and hopeless. Finding the right attorney can help alleviate these feelings thereby helping to make your life easier at a time when personal strength and focus is a must.

Many times, insurance companies refuse to pay claims or refuse to pay them timely. This, in and of itself, has additional legal ramifications that may potentially result in a greater recovery for you, but regarding which, not every “automobile accident” attorney knows how to identify or handle. The difference can be as life-changing as the collision itself and Lewis Legal Group has the knowledge and experience to both identify and handle these types of “bad faith” claims. Jeannete Lewis keenly understands and supports your need to focus first and foremost on health. Her sense of personal commitment, combined with her vast knowledge, experience, reputation and resources dedicated to pursuing justice can help you and your family obtain the redress you need now and in the future.

If you think that you or your loved one was injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact us now.

Notable cases include:

Lewis v. Estate of Drunk Driver – Settlement for $1.1 Million
Greg and Alice Lewis, along with their beloved German Shepard were heading to the Florida Keys when their car was struck head on by a vehicle operated by an intoxicated driver. Both Greg and Alice were taken by ambulance to a Miami hospital. Their German Shepherd did not survive the crash. Greg and Alice were hospitalized for many weeks, separately from each other. The insurance company for the intoxicated driver attempted to tender the $100,000 policy limits but conditioned the payment upon the Lewis’ signing of a waiver and release document that Jeannete Lewis perceived as unfair and hence, the Lewis’ refused to sign it. The liability and damages portion of the claim was mediated under the premises that the at fault party’s insurance carrier acted in “bad faith.” The case was settled after suit was filed for far greater than the $100,000 policy limits.

Benet v. ABC Air Conditioning Company — $500,000 Settlement
An adult bicyclist was riding with traffic on a sidewalk along Key Biscayne and was struck by a commercial van that was coming out of a housing community as she was crossing the entrance thereto. The bicyclist suffered fractures to both of her ankles requiring surgery. The driver of the commercial van was looking only for “vehicular” traffic and did not consider the sidewalk. Driver was required to look both ways, including for pedestrians and bicyclists foreseeably using the sidewalk before proceeding into the “intersection.”

Foster v. Neece (and his commercial employer) — $425,000 Settlement
Ms. Foster was driving on I-95 and slowing for stopped traffic ahead when she was rear-ended by the driver of a commercial delivery vehicle. Ms. Foster had a pre-existing neck condition that was aggravated and made worse by the crash and had to have fusion surgery therefor. After suit was filed, the case was settled.

Amador v. Campbell — $142,500 Settlement
Ms. Amador was proceeding southbound on Flamingo Road near Sawgrass Mall. At the same time, another vehicle was crossing Flamingo Road after clearing the center median traveled into Ms. Amador’s lane, causing a collision. Neither driver saw the other before the collision occurred. Ms. Amador suffered a fractured wrist in the collision that required surgery. The claim settled after suit was filed for more than the policy limits.

Trosper v. Gabby’s Lounge — $500,000 Settlement
Pedestrian C. Trosper was walking across the street after leaving the Lounge when another Lounge patron struck her with his car. The driver had been drinking and fled the scene but was later apprehended by the local police department. Ms. Trosper suffered a fractured ankle in the crash. Although Ms. Trosper was not in a cross walk, the driver had an obligation to be aware of his surroundings and things or people in the road as he approached. The driver was intoxicated.