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Are there time limits to file my cruise ship accident lawsuit?

If you’re involved in an accident onboard a cruise ship, you need to pay very close attention. There are very short time limits within which you need to, one, give written notice of your claim to the particular cruise line. Sometimes in as little as 180 days, and then from the date of your injury you only have one year to file your lawsuit against the cruise line.

However, all of this is buried in the middle of the cruise line ticket, but you need to be very mindful of where you can file your lawsuit, because if you file your lawsuit in the wrong jurisdiction and the one year passes, you’re out of luck. You need to look at your cruise ship ticket. It might tell you federal court in Miami. It might tell you the federal courts in Seattle, Washington. Even though you’ve never stepped foot in Washington your entire life, you might be from Ohio and you got on the ship in Miami, and you’d be surprised to know that you’ve got to bring your lawsuit in Seattle, Washington.

So, please, if you’re involved in an accident on a cruise ship and you’ve suffered injury, please look at your cruise ticket, and if you don’t know how to read it or if you what the terms mean, you’d be well advised to very soon, as soon as you get on land, find an attorney and seek competent legal advice.