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Can a bar be held responsible if a drunk driver injures or kills someone?

Liquor liability laws in Florida are not what you would expect. A bar could serve somebody who is obviously intoxicated or serve somebody to and beyond the point of legal intoxication and let them leave and get behind the wheel, and that bar has no liability except in two situations.

The first is if the bar unlawfully or willfully sells alcohol to somebody who is under the legal drinking age of 21, and that person is involved in an accident and injures themself or another person as a result of their intoxication. The bar can be sued in that instance.

The second, and the last instance, in which the bar or restaurant serving alcohol could be sued is if that bar or restaurant serves somebody who they know to be addicted to alcohol, or should know is addicted to alcohol, and as a result of their intoxication that person goes and injures themselves or someone else.