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Can I file a lawsuit against the international hotel where I was injured?

If you were injured, well, abroad, at a hotel in a foreign country, yes, you can file a lawsuit. The question is where will you file the lawsuit? Unlike the United States, many foreign countries don’t honor contingency fee contracts, and if you’re going to go file the lawsuit in the country in which you were injured, you would have to probably hire an attorney on an hourly basis and sometimes pay a cost bond to protect the defendant in the event that you are not successful in making your claim, but, most times, people who are United States citizens who are injured abroad attempt to file their lawsuits here in the United States where contingency fee contracts are accepted and used.

The key factor will be what contacts does that foreign hotel have with any of the states in the United States, and depending on where those contacts are aggregated is probably where you’re going to file your lawsuit.