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Can I sue if I was a victim of an assault and battery during an armed robbery in a shopping center parking lot?

Armed robberies in the parking lots of shopping centers give rise to a couple of legal issues. First and foremost, yes, you can absolutely sue if you are the victim of any crime in a shopping center parking lot. Who your defendants are is the real issue. You’re going to sue the owner. You might sue some of the tenants of the shopping center if it’s a strip mall. Some of those tenants might have a concurrent obligation with the owner of that strip mall to provide security, especially if it’s at nighttime and they decide to have their business open in hours when, generally speaking, it’s dark out, lighting might be an issue. They’re enhancing the risk that’s there at that shopping center. So yes, the shopping center owner, shopping center tenants, are people who you would look to for responsibility if you’re the victim of a crime in a common area parking lot.