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Do I have to give a recorded statement to the insurance company in a Florida auto accident case?

When an insurance adjuster calls you following an auto accident, you need to make sure that the adjuster with whom you are speaking is your own insurance adjuster as opposed to the insurance adjuster for the other at fault party. If it’s your insurance adjuster, you have a contractual obligation to speak with them, and that includes giving them a recorded statement. You have a contractual obligation, that’s why you pay premiums and you want your insurance company to do what you’ve contracted with them to do. However, if your contacted by the at fault party’s insurance company, you have absolutely no obligation to speak with them, much less on a recorded line.

That insurance company is attempting to protect their own insured. They’re looking for anyway to potentially deny liability for your claim. Nothing that you say to this person on a recorded line or otherwise is intended to help you. So, if it’s your own insurance company, absolutely, by all means. If it’s not your insurance company, politely decline and seek the advice of an attorney to best assist you.