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How can a business owner provide a reasonably safe environment?

There’s a number of things that business owners can do to provide a reasonably safe environment for the people they invite onto their premises, or property, to do business. And not a lot of them cost a lot of money. The first thing they should do is determine whether they’re in a high crime area. They can open a dialogue with local police. They can commission a security survey by security companies to gauge the risk, and gauge what is necessary to address the potential security issues. They can purchase for a few hundred dollars, what’s called a CAP Index report, that determines the risk that your particular address has for certain types of crime.

You can install surveillance cameras, dummy cameras. You don’t need to monitor them, but the visible things that potential criminals can see, so they know that you take, as a business owner, that you take crime seriously, are all things that work in your favor, and may help protect somebody. Signage, actual surveillance cameras, roving patrols, off-duty police, security guards. Get your lighting checked as well. Make sure that you are providing the safest possible means of ingress, and egress, to people who you invite on your property, so that they can be assured of safety.