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I was injured at a hotel in a foreign country. What should I do?

If you’re injured at a hotel in a foreign country, there’s a few important things that you should do and they have to do with preserving evidence. This will help strengthen your claim in the event you decide to bring one here in the United States. First and foremost, if an incident report is prepared, just know that you don’t need to sign it. However, you should obtain a copy before you leave. Take photographs of where the incident occurred, get witness names, witness contact information, so that you can later on… or an attorney that you hire, can contact that person to get the information that they know or what they saw.

In addition, if there’s marketing materials that you have that were in your room, let’s say for example, you were injured on a ride that’s offered at the hotel, and there’s marketing materials for that ride in your room, take the marketing materials with you. If there are guest quality control cards that are in the room, take those with you. Those things, medical records, the medical records if you got medical treatment either at the hotel or elsewhere, those things all are evidence that are otherwise in a foreign country, and if you get those things and bring them home with you to the United States, your attorney will have a better opportunity and chance of being able to keep your case should you bring one, here in the United States.