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If I was hurt while on the ship in another country, where should I get an attorney?

If you’re injured onboard a cruise ship while that ship was in another country, where the incident happened doesn’t govern where you should get an attorney or where you should file your lawsuit. The first thing you should do is to look at your cruise line ticket. It’s going to tell you where you need to file the lawsuit stemming from any injury that occurs. And generally speaking, it would be who of you to look for an attorney who practices law in that location.

However, sometimes the location where we’re having to file the lawsuit is thousands of miles away from us. We might live on the east coast and have to file the lawsuit on the west coast or vice versa. So you might want to reach out to an attorney in your local who in turn can then reach out to an attorney in the venue for where you to file your lawsuit. This way you’ve got an attorney at your disposal close by who you can visit with, who you can call in your own timezone, and who can make you feel most comfortable with the legal process.