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What information should I obtain after my Florida car accident?

After being involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, one of the first things you should do is call 911 and have the authorities respond. Your insurance company is going to want an accident report. Number two, you should always make sure that you don’t leave the scene without first getting the drivers license, registration information of the other party involved. You want to be observant as well. If you have your cell phone or a cameras with you, you want to take photographs. Look for skid marks, take photographs of the crush damage, take photographs that show where the vehicles were and how they were oriented in terms of the crash. Or if the car’s have been moved, photographs of the crush damage.

Additionally, you want to be observant. You want to look at the other driver, do they appear impaired? Were there people in the vehicle? Did they have passengers? Did you have passengers? You want to make sure that you get the information of any witness to the crash as well because you’re going to need to consult with them and communicate with them later on. And if you’re fortunate enough to have somebody stop, as a witness, in an automobile accident, it’s a gift.

Lastly, once you leave the scene of the accident and get your medical attention, if you’re able and you have the opportunity, you should go on social media, Facebook, Instagram. So many times people will post I’ve just been involved in an accident. They’ll say something about it, they’ll post photographs. So go do your own reconnaissance and your own investigation regarding the other driver involved in the crash. And if you feel the need, contact an attorney for some competent legal advice.