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Who may be liable if I was injured in a horseback riding accident?

If you’re injured in a horseback riding accident, the first thing you need to understand is that, there are inherent risks in riding horses that can’t be removed no matter how much safety or precautions are taken. There’s a statute in the state of Florida which provides immunity to equine activity sponsors. Professionals. Land owners. Trainers. Providers of the horse and providers of the equipment.

However, there’s limited circumstances that remove that immunity and allow you and avenue to recover. Such examples could be if they provided the horse and the horse wasn’t well suited for you. The horse was too advanced. If they provided you the equipment or the tack, and the tack was defective, and as a result of the defective tack, you fell off the horse or suffered injury. Additionally, if there was a defect on the land, a danger, a hole, an uneven footing, things of that nature. And that defect in the land gave rise to your injury, you can recover then as well.

And then there’s a catchall. That if the equine activity sponsor, be it the owner, or trainer, or whoever, acted negligently, or intentionally with disregard for your safety. And they can be help responsible. You would do well to consult an attorney so that you can discuss your facts, and your potential claim, and be guided accordingly.